Article 1 – Registered Seat

Gstaad Automobile Club is an Association governed by the present Articles of Association and covered by Articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code, with seat in Feutersoey.

Article 2 – Goal

Organize driving and social events for car amateurs on a non-commercial and non-lucrative basis.

Article 3 – Resources
The Association resources derive from the:
CHF 5’000.- one-time membership fees (CHF 8’000.- for couple – CHF 1’000 children)
CHF 2’000.- annuity for active member (CHF 3’000.- for couple), starting in 2007
CHF 1’000.- annuity for non-active member (CHF 1’500 for couple)
The funds shall be used in conformity with the Association’s goal.

Article 4 – Members

Membership is extended by invitation only.

Article 5 – Association’s Organs
a) The General Assembly
b) The Committee

Article 6 – The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the Association’s supreme power.
It shall hold an Ordinary Meeting once each year preferably in February.
In addition the General Assembly shall convene an Extraordinary Meeting whenever necessary at the request of the committee or of one-third of the members of the association authorized to vote.
General Assembly shall be quorate regardless of the numbers of members present.
The Committee shall send notice of the General Assembly, including the proposed agenda, to each member at least 30 days prior to the meeting

Article 7 – Function of the General Assembly

a) shall approve the admission and expulsion of Members
b) appoint committee members every 10 years
c) note the contents of the reports and financial statements for the year, approve and discharge the responsibility of the committee, or reject it
d) appoint an auditor to review the Association accounts

Article 8 – Vote at the General Assembly

The decision of the General Assembly shall be made by a simple majority vote of the
Members present. Each Member, casting one vote.
Decisions concerning the amendment of the Articles of Association and the dissolution of the Association must be approved by a two-third majority of the members present.

Article 9 – The Committee

The Committee shall be composed of:

a) a President…………Hansueli Brand
b) a Vice-President…..Isabelle de Sadeleer
c) a member…………..Stéphane Gutzwiller

Each committee member is elected for 10 years

Article 10 – Function of the Committee

To carry out acts that are not exercised by the General Assembly, which help
the Association reach its goal.

Article 11 – Representation of the Association

The Association shall be validly bound by the joint signature of 2 members of its

Article 12 – Engagement of the Association

The engagement of the Association are only guaranteed by its own assets.

Article 13 – Financial Year

The financial Year shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31st .
The auditor appointed by the General Assembly shall audit the Association’s
accounts each year.

Article 14– Dissolution

If the Association is dissolved, its remaining assets should be paid out to a
charity chosen by the Committee.