Siam Siassi finished 5th in Jaguar class C AMOC ’50s Sports cars Donington Park July 29th.

Donington Park, one of the most popular drivers’ circuits, hosted this Aston Martin Owners Club meeting. With races including Pre-War cars & big V8 Saloons, the XKs were in good company with a nice mix of 50’s Sports Cars. A mixed day with dry qualifying and a mostly dry race, which didn’t suit Kevin Zwolinski in his 3.4 litre car who was hoping for a wet race. Frustrating for Kevin, the heavens opened just as the cars returned to the paddock

In addition to the Vredestein Jaguar XKs other Jaguars included the big MKVII of Graham Love, who was awaiting the repair of his XK150 following damage at Silverstone. Another Silverstone casualty, Geoff Ottley, was still in the midst of repairing his XK120, and Siamak Siassi entered his immaculate C Type.

Qualifying saw John Burton’s 120 FHC with a fastest lap of 1min.31 secs from Kevin Zwolinski & John Roberts in XK140s. Chris Keith-Lucas seemed a little off pace in his much campaigned XK120 but was to rectify this during the race whilst wife Claire circulated in an impressive 1 min 41sec.