Spa – 2018; confirmed!

Ten days prior to the race weekend, we went testing at Spa. It went well and our objective was to confirm our pace and potential at the race weekend.

The results

Free Practice One: best time
Free Practice Two: best time
Qualifying: pole
Qualifying Race: first and best time of the race
Main Race: first and best time of the race

Done and dusted!

It was not as easy as it sounds. On the qualifying race I lost my first place. However, the driver in front kept making mistakes. At one point he went too wide in Pouhon, double left hand corner at 210 km/h, and I passed him in the inside! In the main race, starting on pole, I again lost places – 2! A safety car was deployed for a car having crashed into the wall, but it only lasted 2 laps. At the restart I kept my cool. Again the same driver was making mistakes. We passed each other in the first part of Blanchiment, again at very high speeds. Half a lap latter, I caught the car in first at Les Combles and passed him on braking. Then it was a matter of taking the Black Panther to the checkered flag!

Thanks to the team for a great job, BMW for all the updates on the car, Kevin, my engineer, for letting me know where I was losing time and Philip Eng for his precious coaching.

Wishing you all a great summer break. Next race: Budapest on September 1 and 2.