Spa 24 hours

Today is travel day – 650km, 7 hours by car to Spa. Covid is imposing strict travel routes. Everyone is obligated to be tested and arrive at the circuit with a certificate! Practice starts Tuesday. I hope it does NOT snow during the race. It will be a VERY LONG race in two respects: a) time change on Sunday early morning and b) a long NIGHT. The race is generally held in July, the average night racing is 6-7 hours. As we are approaching the end of October, we will have 12-13 hours of night race!

Live TV coverage: (GT World Challenge website, YouTube and Eurosport)
Thursday  18:55 (CET): qualifying
Saturday 15:30 to Sunday 14:30* (CET): race 
* winter time change (plus an hour!!!)

It will be special race for us, as our car has been re-design by world renown visual artist Peter Halley. (Picture enclosed). Follow-us if you can. Thanks for your support and have a great week.

Be safe and healthy,