Paul Ricard 2020 – The season is over

“Floppies – what?”

On the web, floppy, as an adjective, is defined as “tending to hang or move in a limp, lose or ungainly way.” As a noun, it’s “short for floppy disk.”  What does floppy have to with a racing? Try looking for some sort of connection, you won’t find it!

A floppy on a race circuit is a plastic rectangle, generally 20cm in height and 25cm in length, that indicates to the driver the limit of the circuit outside the track. Normally, allow me to emphasis “normally”, you are to race within the limits of the track, which are defined as the two white lines on each side. However, in practice, drivers use all the track they can, driving beyond the white lines. It is generally accepted in most race meetings, as a rule, that least 2 wheels be on the circuit at all times. However, at some race meetings 4 wheels off the track are accepted and the limit of the track is defined by the “floppies”!

We had a difficult start to the weekend with slippery conditions on Friday evening. The sun shone all day Saturday with rising to 18-degree temperature. We managed our free practice, pre-qualifying and qualifying sessions. We were ready for the race.  After a good start, I lacked pace. On the 11th lap, I had a slight oversteer in turn 7, which I was able to control.  Unfortunately, I did not avoid the floppy! It went under the car, hit the carbon plate, broke off a carbon piece, which pierced the radiator. The engine overheated and it was over!

It’s a real shame as we had good race pace. It sounds simple, but you must forget it and put it in the past. The season is over. 2021 starts in only 4 months! Thank you all for your support. 

Wishing you all a great holiday to come and see you next year.

Be safe and healthy,