The magazine devotes an article to the first participation of Jerome at the Dakar !

Few days before the start of the most famous rally : the Dakar, the sports magazine devotes an exclusive interview to Jerome de Sadeleer. This first participation in the Paris Dakar is a highly anticipated event by Jérôme and his co-driver Michael Metge. Aboard their buggy they set themselves the ambitious goal of finishing in the top 10 of their category.

The sports magazine come back on the Jerome’s path

How do you find yourself at the start of one of the most difficult car races in the world, and what’s more, in a team led by a five-time winner of the event?

I have a Saudi friend who wanted to create a team to compete in the Dakar. He instructed me to find the material and the people likely to set up this program. I approached Cyril Neveu and together we found MMP Competition, the French structure which took charge of building our buggy. We started from zero to build a complete team capable of taking part in the Dakar today.

Jerome De Sadeleer

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