Organisation Friday 18th & Saturday 19th of February

Dear Friends,

We look forward to welcoming you to our February 18th & 19th Ice-Driving Event. On Saturday 19th, we are excited that Aston Martin will put at our disposal its entire range of cars including their SUV, the DBX, to drive on the ice in Saanen. In order to optimize driving time, registration and breakfast will be held in the Reception Tent of  the Ice track.

Friday February 18th  : Registration + Breakfast in the Reception Tent 
Lunch : Clubhouse in Feutersoey

Saturday February 19th : Registration + Breakfast + Lunch in the Reception Tent                                   
Annual Diner : Club House Feutersoey

Please let us know your presence to those events in order for us to make the necessary arrangement with the catering firms.

In advance thanks & regards