A new year … a new era …

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

We are at Imola this weekend. We started with testing in Paul Ricard four weeks ago, but I did not have a chance to share the experience as I wanted to share pictures with the livery of the NEW car.  I am writing new, in capitals as the team decided at the last minute to switch from BMW to Audi !  

A new adventure with Audi

Yes – AUDI, as their motto goes: “Performance is an attitude”.  And what a car it is. Going from a front engine car to a mid-engine is a great comfort. Easier to drive, easier to “rotate” in corners. Let’s not mention that the latest updates on the car, the “Evo II” package has made the car easier to drive.  

In simple terms, the Audi R8 GT3 was suffering from the rear “snapping” on breaking, making it hard for drivers to control the end of the braking – what do I mean: on braking, as the weight of the car is transferred to the front, the rear lifts ; at the end of the braking as you turn the car, the rear would still be too high making you lose the rear.  Today, with new updates, the car rotates with an ease that drivers can control.

Don’t miss the date !

So, here we are in Imola. Totally focused for the weekend!  
You can follow the live timing on the website: www.gt-world-challenge-europe.com

Sunday at 9:00 : qualifications
Sunday at 15:00 : race

Try to spot us … BTW: Valentino Rossi is in an yellow Audi … car number 46 !

… Karim