Again one of those non-BMW tracks! The goal was to score maximum points.

First practice, second practice and qualifying were uneventful, learning and getting faster and faster.  We managed to at least qualify P5 after the team manager radioed in that I better put my sectors together, otherwise I was P9. Apart from P1 that was 0.8 seconds ahead, P2 to P6 were only separated by 0.3 seconds!

The start of the qualifying went well.  After a few laps, with P1 gone, P3 was trying super hard trying to pass P2.  P3 and P4 switched places, but it was simply impossible to pass P2.  At one point P4 made a mistake and I was able to capture the position.  

I started the main race in P4. On the 6’s corner, of the first lap, P5 tried to overtake me but span!  A few laps later P3 spun and I overtook him.  I finally closed in to P2.  It was the same green Lamborghini that blocked everyone at the qualifying race.  I tried a number of maneuvers but nothing seemed to work.  I finally got my chance and exited a corner better than he did.  However that led me on the outside going into the next corner – so on the dirty side of the track.  As I took the corner the rear drifted out causing an oversteer at the entry of the corner.  I was ahead but needed to reduce my speed to control the car.  As we sped up the straight we were head to head.  I knew his weakness was braking in the next corner.  At 210 km/h I overtook him and broke later.  The pass was done and I was gone!  I finished the race P2!

(You can watch the overtake:, go to 15 minutes before the race ends.  It’s worth watching)We scored a great number of points and we are still leading the championship. Next stop: Spa! Ha!