Gstaad Automobile Club top of the podium at Carrera Panamericana

After 7 days of frantic racing, driving under infernal conditions, in an unpredictable car and on their first attempt, Erik... Read more

Team Siassi Finished Spa Six Hours 2014

Last year Team Siassi finished Spa Six hours with honor driving aluminium-bodied Linder Nocker-style Low Drag E-type. However in 2014... Read more

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit June 2014

Once again the XKs were to compete within the AMOC race for ‘Sports Cars from the ‘50s’ making up nearly... Read more

Le Mans Classic 2014

Dear Members, From July 4th to 6th took again place the 7th Edition of the famous “Le Mans Classic” Race... Read more

The 8th Classic Car “Rally & Yachting”

Dear Friends, We are very happy to welcome in our Club as Member of Honour Alain Prost. The four-time Formula... Read more

Siam Siassi finished 8th overall Grand Prix Age d’Or Dijon- Sixties Endurance...

As 4 o’clock approached on the Saturday 6th of June 2014, any spectator who merely expected to see a gentle parade... Read more